Seattle, Day 3

The last day in Seattle was moody and misty. We caught a glimpse of the Space Needle as we caught the streetcar to breakfast.

Again, we met with friends and family for our last meal in the city. This time, at Portage Bay Cafe, one of our favorites.

My gluten-free rice-flour pancakes, topped with lots of berries and whipped cream from the toppings bar. Mmmm.... I couldn't finish the pancakes, but I didn't leave any berries!

That's the gang - Jonathan, Sanna, and Scott.

Breakfast brings out the goofey in Ryan.

The sun cleared a bit for our walk down to this downtown yarn shop, where I snapped up a couple skeins of this, in blue - of course. On the way, we passed through a square where three boats planted with grasses and trees floated among flowering shrubs, grasses and succulents.

The ride home - taking in the view of the Sound and reflecting on a really wonderful trip.

Thanks for sharing this with me. I'll be back next week with more good stuff: newly finished knits, knits in progress, the explosion of flowers in my garden, inspiring books, fun activities and more. Oh, and maybe I'll get a new banner up. I'm really tired of the current one. Have a great weekend, y'all!


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