There are so very many projects to share with you all, but today I wanted to give you a little preview of what may be the biggest project I've ever undertaken.

Here's a little clue for you:

Yep, that's right - I'm pregnant! Today I'm 14 weeks along, and apparently the baby is the size of a lemon - at least that's what thebump.com tells me. Baby Bee, our nickname for the little person I'm growing, is due at the end of April and I cannot believe how much there is to do before then! (You know, like finding somewhere else to live!)

I hope this goes some way towards explaining my sporadic posting over the last few months. The first trimester went really well, my biggest symptom being exhaustion. (Probably nothing compared to when the baby actually comes, but still pretty intense.) If I was given the choice between posting and sleep/a nap, I went with the sleep. Also, it was really tough not to tell! This has been the most exciting news and totally taking up all of my mental space, and I couldn't say anything.

As I'm getting back on my feet, expect lots more posts around here. I'm currently trying to knit up a selection of cardigans to get me through the next few months. There will be maternity clothes to make, not to mention clothes for the baby and preparations for the nursery. (You know, the nursery in the apartment we don't live in...) In between: my birthday, which also happens to be the blog's first birthday, kicks off the holiday season. Ok, so Halloween comes first, but I don't really feel like the holidays have started 'till I get birthday cake!

Oh, and why "Baby Bee"? 'Cause "Melissa" is derived from the Greek for "honey bee!" Ryan has designated himself "Bumble Bee." I think he was inspired by my love for all of those fat, clumsily charming visitors to the garden this summer.


  1. "Fat and clumsily charming", huh?

    I suppose I have been called worse...

    Love you!


  2. Congratulations, what exciting news!

  3. Congratulations! (from a complete stranger!) That really is exciting! I hope all goes well from here and that you get lots of crafting done between now and.. next spring! I've just started knitting and those titles in the top photo will definitely be worth investigating as all my friends / siblings seem to be having babies at the moment.

  4. Oh wow! Congrats you crafty girl, you! ;)

  5. Yes! Congratulations! I used the birth of my second boy as an excuse to learn to knit (I learned to quilt and sew for my first). Here's to crafting for little ones! And those teeny tiny sweaters are sooooo gratifying - quick and adorable!

  6. Actually, I think Bumble is totally appropriate although Ryan is definitely not fat! Charming and clumsy could actually be highly appropriate, however. Who is going to carry Baby Bee around because your side of the family tend toward the clumsy as well!


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