Not a Total Loss

Something icky has been going around Ryan's office. Despite his best efforts, he brought it home and shared it with me. (Thanks, Ryan!) I had big plans for Monday. I've recently completed a lovely cardi that is just waiting for buttons, which I planned to get Monday. But as I tried desperately to get myself out the door to buy said buttons, I realized that I had come down with the ick. I promptly changed into pj's, grabbed a new knitting project, and headed for the couch. I've been there for 2 days now, and it's where you'll find me again today. Tomorrow I plan to rejoin the land of the living.

While main-lining orange juice and watching Mysteries (Inspector Lynley and Monk) on DVD, I worked through knitting myself a new pair of slippers. These are my Lil' Suede Ballet Slippers. You can find pattern and yarn details at my project page on Ravelry.

Ok, I'm tired again. Time to head back to the couch. The kitties have started their morning naps without me.


  1. oh where, oh where, could my big sister be?
    Please show me the fall charm that I shared with you on the farm! There was pumpkins and cider and bonfires to bide us! Those tooties look cozy, but I'm ready for a new postie! XOXO Lex


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