Ryan & I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary, the Tin Anniversary, this past weekend. In honor of the occasion, I thought I'd share a few favorite photos.

September 15, 2001 - The Wedding:

Celebrating our 5th anniversary in wine country just outside Portland:

Just a couple of days before Dylan's arrival:

Family portrait taken this past Labor Day:

Thank you, Ryan, for our beautiful life together. I love you - for now & forever & even longer than that!


Stacking Rings

Recently my dad, aka Gramps, sent these beautiful stacking rings that he whipped up using reclaimed redwood. Aren't they lovely? He's made a couple of other things for her that I've yet to share. I'm starting here because these are the first she's been able to interact with. See:

She loves them!


Knit While Nursing

Wow - completed projects to share! Finally got pictures of my latest projects and Dylan is napping in the Moby, so thought I'd get them posted. Both were knit while nursing Dylan, both use Hempathy from my stash. Follow the links under each photo to see the project details over on my Ravelry page.

This is my Dusty Delphine, from Kristine Griffin-Grimes' French Girl Knits. I wore it this past weekend to Brunch @ the Daily Cafe. We went to celebrate Dylan rolling over for the first time (!) the night before.

And here is my Sweet Plum Chemise, from Interweave Knits' Summer 2006 issue.

And here's the Little Miss. We were on our way to dinner with friends @ Podnah's - yum!

She's awake. Better run. Back soon!


Her first three months

What a blissful blur it has been!

I wanted to get this post up a little sooner - you know, on the day last week when she reached 3 months. However, we've taken pictures of her every day, so there were lots to wade through! And take heart, while this is a ridiculous number of photos in this post, it isn't one for each day... Here are just some of my favorites:

First cuddle with Daddy

The welcoming commitee & her biggest fans:
Aunties Sanna & Alexis

Hanging out with my mom, aka Grammie

With my dad, aka Gramps

Tummy time!

First trip to the Farmer's Market

The outfit she's wearing was mine!

First trip to the farm

The bonnet was Auntie Lex's

And we have knitting...

Sweetest lil' berry at the market!

There's a big smile behind that hand!

With yoga goddess Eden - Dylan recognized Eden's voice from all those prenatal classes!

Playing with Auntie Sanna

With Grandma Terre & Grandpa Rex

Smiling up at Daddy during a break in his softball game

Tuckered out after hosting her first 4th of July BBQ

Center of attention


Celebrating 3 months with Auntie Lex!