Pumpkin Love

I guess the holidays are officially upon us. When do they really start, the holidays? In late September/early October, we head straight to our favorite farm to scoop up as many pumpkins as we can carry, plant mums, and unpack the sweaters - SO exciting! They mark the start of autumn, which may be my favorite time of year. My wheels start turning in regards to projects and presents. I start planning and make endless list. Oh, how I love lists...

Then there's my birthday - right smack in the middle of November. Who doesn't love their birthday? I think all of the festivity and the warm wishes of my friends and family are what get me feeling the holiday spirit in earnest. And, just as I begin to come down from the birthday high, it's time to purchase the fixin's for Thanksgiving Dinner. This year, we got nearly all the produce from the Portland Farmer's Market, most of it from this beautiful stand. It's Groundwork Organics. We're members of their CSA and we L-O-V-E them.

But still, with so much planning and celebrating already done, I wasn't quite there. Until yesterday. Yesterday started the last-minute cleaning, and last night we picked up my mother-in-law from the airport. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend will get in Wednesday night. It has started, for reals. Ryan is beyond excited, as Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, and his family will be here with us. Also, I think he might be looking forward to the trip to wine country we have planned for Wednesday..

I hope you're all feeling the holiday spirit, too. See you after the big meal!

Oh, wait, look who had to get into the picture... that's Emerson peeking over the pumpkins!


Happy Friday!

Has anyone out there not heard about Polyvore yet? Probably not. Both Amy and Alicia posted about it earlier this month. If you haven't already discovered it, be warned. You will lose a ridiculous amount of time putting together the outfits of your dreams. Check out my first fashion collage, which I call "Lady of Leisure." (You can click on it to see it larger) It's kind of channeling my fantasies of being an English Lady...

Have a great weekend!

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Warm and Toasty

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words about my first post. I'm so lucky to have such kind and supportive friends and family!

Ryan was home sick the last two days, so I tried to keep quiet and not get into too much trouble. While I was being quiet, I worked on a couple of projects for the patient.

First up is an alpaca vest, which I'm calling "Plain Vanilla." I've knit a few sweaters for Ryan in the past and always got hung up on the sleeves. He's tall, which means long arms and long sleeves. Even though I usually knit the two sleeves simultaneously, it just kills me to knit them as they are seemingly endless and boring. So, this time Ryan gets a vest. Vest = No Sleeves = Happy Melissa. The pattern is from Erika Knight's Men's Knits. The yarn is Peruvian Tweed, a gorgeous naturally colored alpaca we bought in Hood River last fall.

Next on the list are slippers. The pattern is from Kristin Spurkland's Knitting Man(ual), and the yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted. I made him some slippers for Christmas a couple of years ago. He wore holes right through the heels the first winter. Last year I simply patched the holes, but he's made new ones. This time I'm going to make thicker, sturdier slippers. I see it as kind of a challenge to knit slippers that will actually last through more than one winter. These should work up really quickly, just as soon as I get the right needles. Guess this means a trip to one of my favorite local yarn shops...


Mostly Good

"There was a litte girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,
She was very, very good,

But when she was bad she was horrid!"

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Ok, maybe not exactly horrid, but certainly a tad mischievous...

Welcome to When She Was Good, where I plan to share all of the fun and mischief I get into both around the house and around town. I think we're going to have fun!