We're trying something new this year. After spending FAR too much time on Pinterest looking for inspiration, I ran into this cool tree at Ikea & remembered seeing some fun number tags at Collage. Last night I assembled some treats & small gifts. (I still need to wrap up a couple of Christmas books to read as we're nearing the end.) Each day she can open something & then stick the tag on the tree.

This morning, Dylan was SO EXCITED to get started. The first gift was inspired by the hours she spent playing make-believe with the gingerbread house last Christmas. She's loving it - right now she's all about playing small. And I'm loving making a little magic for my Little Miss.


Afternoon Art Date

We're playing with liquid watercolors and salt today. Liquid watercolors may be our very favorite medium right now. Watching my girl work inspires me so. She shows me how it's best not to overthink things, how to just go for it.


Time Well Spent

After many months of longing, I finally bought a set of liquid watercolors. They. Are. Awesome. Seriously. Auntie Lex paid us a visit and we pulled out the paints and got busy experimenting. Not a bad way to kill some time on a blazing hot afternoon. 


Garden Days

I've always wanted a garden which provides nourishment for the body and the spirit - somewhere I could both get really, satisfyingly mucky and also wear a pretty dress while lounging in the shade. I have that garden now and today, we did the later.

Dylan and I put on pretty dresses, tied on our aprons, and made ourselves a lovely tea party. What a treat, in so many ways. Deep sigh of contentment here. Hope you're making your summer magical, however magic happens for you. I'm gonna enjoy chatting with my Little Miss, nibbling cake, sipping tea, and listening to the bees buzz through the flowers. 


A cabin in the woods

Way back in November, we started making plans to meet up with a lovely cousin and her dashing fiance at the Oregon Gardens. The date was set for two weekends past. Since there are two State Parks in the area, we figured, "why not camp?"

So, after a few crazy weeks and several sleepless nights, we found ourselves exhausted, excited & on the road to camp.

Since the nights are still quite cold in May, we opted for a cabin instead of the tent. Last autumn, we stayed in a yurt & Dylan wasn't sure how a cabin would measure up. You can see that she wasn't disappointed. She divided her time between playing on the bunk beds, making collections of natural objects, and running in the grass.

I enjoyed cooking with my adorable new enamelware pot & pan - robin's egg blue!!

On Saturday, we made the short trip to the Garden. After an enormous picnic, we  strolled around for a few hours. I think Dylan dipped her hand in every pool and fountain we passed. She also played in a Hobbit hole and drove a tractor with Papa. (It is clear I need a gingham shirt of my own...)

We didn't get much sleep and the sun stubbornly refused to show itself, but it was a good first trip out. Can hardly wait to go again! (And maybe I'll have found myself an enamelware kettle!)



The other day, I just had to sew. My  knitting had been growing slowly. I needed to create something and quickly. So, a little dive into my stash and here we are! So. Much. Better.



I've started baking bread again. Real bread, not a mix from a bag. Baking gluten-free bread can be challenging. It involves lots more ingredients than regular bread. Making accurate measurements with the assistance of a very young baker is frustrating all around. So, I gave it up for a while.

Like so many things in life and in parenting, timing is everything. Sometimes you need to let something go for a while. And then, one day, you get the chance to welcome it back in.

Part of my return to bread baking is due to Dylan's ever increasing abilities and independence. Part is due to the wonderful recently published: Gluten-free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I think the first book in the series came out seven or eight years ago, right about the time I became so sick and had to give up gluten in order to recover my health. I am thrilled with the simplicity of the recipes. I can find five minutes to mix flour, five minutes to shape a loaf... And the bread is good.

Today I'm enjoying the end of a loaf topped with homemade carrot cardamom marmalade (from The Culinary Cyclist) and goat cheese. The combination of chewy, sweet, creamy and tangy is making me so very happy.

And so, we come to this intention. My days need more intention - all those mindless chores that fill the days of an at home parent...  My parenting needs more intention - too many times I drift away for a moment or two to myself, but fail to use those moments to nurture myself in a way that helps me recenter or readies me to refocus on my darling girl.  Making bread is kind of the ultimate intentional domestic task. It is a step.  The first of many along what I hope turns out to be both a familiar and a brand new path.