A cabin in the woods

Way back in November, we started making plans to meet up with a lovely cousin and her dashing fiance at the Oregon Gardens. The date was set for two weekends past. Since there are two State Parks in the area, we figured, "why not camp?"

So, after a few crazy weeks and several sleepless nights, we found ourselves exhausted, excited & on the road to camp.

Since the nights are still quite cold in May, we opted for a cabin instead of the tent. Last autumn, we stayed in a yurt & Dylan wasn't sure how a cabin would measure up. You can see that she wasn't disappointed. She divided her time between playing on the bunk beds, making collections of natural objects, and running in the grass.

I enjoyed cooking with my adorable new enamelware pot & pan - robin's egg blue!!

On Saturday, we made the short trip to the Garden. After an enormous picnic, we  strolled around for a few hours. I think Dylan dipped her hand in every pool and fountain we passed. She also played in a Hobbit hole and drove a tractor with Papa. (It is clear I need a gingham shirt of my own...)

We didn't get much sleep and the sun stubbornly refused to show itself, but it was a good first trip out. Can hardly wait to go again! (And maybe I'll have found myself an enamelware kettle!)


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