New Beginnings

The last couple of weeks have been a blur. I was planning a lovely post on Thursday, April 14th, which happens to be Ryan's birthday, about what a wonderful and amazing partner he is. However, our little one had other plans. In the small hours of Wednesday, April 13th, I went into labor - almost a full two weeks early. At 2:02 pm on Thursday, April 14th, we welcomed Dylan Amelia Tyler Miller to our little family. Not only does she share her birthday with her daddy, but she's every bit as lovely and amazing as he is. We've spent the last couple of weeks overcoming some newborn challenges and getting to know our sweet girl. I'll probably take another couple or so weeks off before I get things back up and running here - just wanted to stop and share our great news.

We brought her home in this sweater I made. Because she was two weeks early, the rest of her coming home ensemble was comically large on her - thus the fashionable hospital cap.

Much love,
Melissa, Ryan and Dylan


  1. Congratulations and welcome to Dylan! She is adorable.

  2. So very sweet! Congratulations to you and best wishes!

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful and so are you :) I am so thrilled for you guys!!!

  4. hooray! you are both adorable.

  5. Oh she is just gorgeous! I was wondering if you had her yet - I drift in via Ravelry from time to time. Beautiful! Congratulations!


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