The Baby Bee Shower

One of the very first things out of Alexis' mouth upon learning of my pregnancy was, "Can I throw you a shower?" Well, yes, of course, nothing would make us happier! She immediately enlisted Sanna. So, while Ryan and I were reading up on what to expect during pregnancy and beyond, our sisters were planning one hell of a party. We were so very touched at all of the thoughtful details and creative touches! Let me show you.

The theme came directly from the nickname we gave our little one: Baby Bee.

The invitations: Lex made each one herself, so they were all unique. Aren't they sweet? One guest said she pulled her invite in and out of its envelope several times so that she could "watch the grass grow!" Goodness, I love our friends!

For the future nursery: Lex made this adorable sign. She wrapped the hanging pole in ribbon and painted the letters and the bee, which have just a bit of sparkle.

The gift table: Isn't it lovely? It was almost a shame to open all of those beautiful presents. We've saved the little tissue paper poufs hanging under the table to use in her future nursery.

The activity: Lex strung a line with plain onsies in sizes from newborn to 12 months. Check out the tiny clothes pins!

Katie and Jen got crafty right away.

Then our many talented friends and family each decorated a onsie using fabric paints, pens, stamps, and even their own fingers! I'll show them all to you at the end.

Sanna made this little flip book for us to read on sleepless nights and during moments of doubt. By the way, Sanna has always insisted she isn't even remotely crafty. I think, after seeing all of her little projects, that you'll have to join me in disagreeing with her!

Everyone wrote such lovely sentiments. I'll be sure to remind Sanna of her offer to help with those diapers!

Speaking of diapers, Sanna made sure to include the Midwestern tradition of the diaper cake, but with a Northwest twist. She used cloth diaper prefolds - made with repurposed fabrics! - and gDiaper disposable inserts to craft the cake. So cute!

Julie and Ryan, enjoying some of the wonderful food. There was a huge spread of little bites. I was remiss in not taking photos of the snacks. Everything was picture perfect and delicious. Among the treats: Lex made a wonderful bread pudding, Sanna and Terre baked and decorated adorable bee, spring & shower-themed sugar cookies, and there was a plate of divine french macaroons from Ken's Artisan Bakery - a yummy gluten-free treat for me!

Me and Jen, after she completed her masterpiece. I'm 32 weeks along.

Ryan's Mom, Terre, and my parents all made the trip from Illinois to help us celebrate. That's Terre on the left, then good friends KC and Ruth - who happen to be mother & daughter - and finally my mom on the right.

Superstar Sanna in the middle and my dad on the right.

And now, the onsies. We were blown away by the talent and creativity of our friends. Katie free-handed those stunning flowers. (She's a pro. No, really. You can, and should, buy her work here.) Gramma Terre made the little lamb. Mother daughter duo Alison (who made the doll from my last post) and Izzy painted the polka-dot goat.

Ruth's onsie is a nod to one of Ryan's favorite jokes around the office - sheets of paper included in the middle of documents printed with "This page intentionally left blank." Get it? The next one is humor from my Dad, who I'm sure was not suggesting that I actually resemble a cow - ahem. The footprints were a clever collaboration between Julie and April, who used the side of their hand to make the feet and their fingers to make the toes.

Sanna professed her love. KC whipped up a mini Timbers jersey, complete with Addidas stripes on the back, so that Bee will be ready for the soccer season. Alexis made sure Bee will have an outfit for what are sure to be many trips to The Farm.

Jen also embraced the farm motif. I think it was about this time last year when our families when to the farm together to view the pig and her new babies. Perhaps that was her inspiration. That, or as a mother of two, she's giving me a hint as to the probable state of our little one... The monkey is the work of Brittany and Kalyan - it says "little monkey." LOVE the ears! Finally, on the end, my mother is already playing favorites... I hope I gave everyone the proper credit!

These were the favors Lex made. She had a whole basket filled with these little jars, which were in turn filled with honey. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know that I love honey, so it may come as no surprise that the honey didn't last long enough to get photographed, but the jars are sure cute! Lex says she has extra - more honey for me!

By the way, I'm not sure how, but Lex evaded having her picture taken. However, the shower was given in her apartment, so in some ways she's in every photo...

Gratitude. We were stunned by the turnout of friends and family from all areas of our life, as well as by their generosity. We so enjoyed spending a sunny afternoon in my sister's beautiful apartment, surrounded by people we love, all of whom are all excited to meet and love our little girl. These are some of the notecards I made to send out after the shower. I'm not sure we were able to truely express our gratitude, so let me say "thank you" again. It bears repeating. We so appreciate all of the time, thought, love, and support you have all given and have offered up for the future.

One last bit of cleverness. Those are your aunties, Baby Bee. I've got the feeling they're gonna spoil you rotten!


  1. It was a great shower and those are some crafty aunties Bee will be spending time with. Hope she loves to craft as much as the rest of us do!


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