Morse Code

Recently, I finished this lovely blouse, which I've called "Morse Code," for the dot and dash pattern on the fabric. I used the Sencha pattern by local design company Colette. It was my first time sewing with a Colette pattern and I couldn't have been more pleased. It's been on my sewing list for a while, and now I'm all fired up to try more of their patterns.

My version is from view three, which has a lovely keyhole neckline. It was a pain to sew around the opening, but I went slowly and it turned out great. I used bias tape for the tie, as I thought a tie made of the blouse fabric would just get lost.

Here's the back. Don't all of those buttons just kill you? I searched around a bit for just the right buttons, and found them at the Button Emporium. You wouldn't think that they'd have been difficult to find, but they had to be just the right size and shape and shade of orange... I have a long torso, so I added a couple of inches at the waist, as well as an extra button.

Here's a close-up of the waist-darts, which give the blouse it's fabulous shape, and of the print of the fabric. The fabric is Smooth Sailing in Harbor Blue, part of the Hampton's Collection by Minick & Simpson for Moda, and was purchased last summer at Fabric Depot's outdoor sale. (Which reminds me, I still need to check out what's on offer at this summer's sale...) I've been saving the pattern for just the right project, and knew instantly when I saw Sencha that the two were meant to be. Sigh.


  1. I love the buttons up the back! Very mysterious. But difficult to button up?

  2. Not too difficult... I do have to double check in the mirror, though, to be sure they're all done up!

  3. Seems like you could leave it buttoned up almost to the top then slip it over your head to put it on. Then you would just have a couple of buttons to fight with.

    Very cute. I am so glad you have developed the same love of sewing that I have!

  4. Thanks, all! The nipped-in waist and close neck-line do make it necessary to undo all of the buttons to get the blouse on and off...

  5. That is very cute, with the buttons on the backside. So much 50th style.

  6. Hey there
    Great blouse! It's on my make list too. You mentioned that you lengthened it -- how long is your torso (what a question eh?!)? I'm very tall too, so am thinking I might lengthen my version, as yours looks grand!

  7. Jo, I added about 2" to the waist, at the waist-line. I'm thinking that my back-neck-to-waist measurement may be 17", but don't remember for sure. You're lucky that you are tall! I'm just average, 5'5"-ish, with a long waist and shortish legs...ugh.


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