As we head into another weekend, I have to share a bit more from last weekend... To start off, we joined Lex and Megan for pizza at Lovely's 50-50. The favorite was topped with asparagus, garlic spears, and tartufo. Yum!! We also tried a creamy cauliflower soup and roasted asparagus served with prosciutto and a sunny-side-up egg - both quite tasty.

Photo by Pat Castaldo, from The Black Apple

After dinner, we went to Land for Emily Martin's new show "Lost on the Midway." It was lovely, as was Emily herself. If you're in Portland, I highly encourage you to stop by Land before the end of the month to see the works in person. The pieces have so many small details and subtleties that really don't make themselves apparent on the computer, but give them so much personality. If you can't make it in person, check out her blog for a closer look at the pieces in the show. Oh, and I'll soon be able to give you a closer look at that little sweetie in the oval frame to the left of the shelf holding the dolls - Ryan bought her for me!

Until I can bring my little dancing girl home, I have a couple of souvenirs.

This little guy rolled right up and jumped off my palm after the picture was snapped!

To cap off a wonderful evening out, we did celebrate National Doughnut Day at Staccato Gelato. Ryan brought home a Chocolate Frosted French Cruller, A Maple and a Powdered Sugar. I choose a Salted Caramel, a Ginger, and, of course, a Fairy Princess. Mmmmm... doughnuts...


  1. I remember those little celophane fishies. We had them when I was a kid. At that time, I thought they were magic!

    That's a lot of doughnuts! I hope they lasted a few days. Do they make GF ones that you are able to eat with no consequences? Doughnuts sound good but lead to feeling bad for me. Too rich.

    By the way. I love the doilies under the peonies!

  2. Ha! We did spread the doughnut eating out over the weekend. And yes, they were a very cheaty indulgence - both for the gluten and the sugar. Haven't had any since March, though...

    (The doilies were from Little Byrd's yard sale a while back.)

  3. That pizza was soooooo good!!!! What a great face to have caught on me. It was a lovely day out and I kept the post card from the show too. I put it on my board along with all the cards you give me. I'm going to have to cover a wall with it soon! ~Lex

  4. Emily's pieces look amazing! I'm off to her website now. Have a great day!


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