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Today I have a couple of newly completed projects to share. The first is a pair of mats for next to our beds. I recently relocated the rugs from our bedroom into the kitchen, leaving us in need of replacements. After looking at a couple of Japanese craft books (this one and this one), I was inspired to sew some of my own. It was the kind of quick and dirty sewing project that can be SO gratifying - no pattern required and made entirely of materials on-hand.

The fabric is by Rowan and was purchased on clearance last year at Bolt. The padding is provided by a well worn pair of flannel pillowcases. The backing is plain pale blue and left over from making our duvet cover. I started by cutting the side and bottom seams off the pillowcases and then opening the hem at the top edge. After pressing the newly opened pillowcases and trimming them to the same size, I cut pieces off the top and backing fabrics to match. Then, I sandwiched the whole lot together, sewed around the edges, turned it right side out, and closed the opening. I resisted the urge to embellish the mats because they will surely make frequent trips to the washing machine and it seems that keeping them super simple will mean they wear better.

So, with just an hour or so of work, I have a lovely pair of mats to make stepping in and out of bed a little more comfy. I'm calling them my "Field of Flowers" mats, for obvious reasons. It's kinda fun to imagine tiptoeing through a filed of daisies on the way to dreamland...

Next up is my "Cafe Date" bag, from the Fat Bottom Bag pattern in Stitch N' Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. I've had the book for several years now and this project has always been one of my favorites. The yarn is Lion Cotton and I only needed one ball. The handles only cost a few dollars, and the fabric I used to line the bag and make the bow was purchased at a recent yard sale. All together, a very inexpensive project.

The crochet was easy enough to do and it has been finished for almost a month. What has been holding me up was the lining. I knew almost immediately that the bag would be better lined and that the aqua gingham would be just the thing... It was just a matter of making the time, which I finally did yesterday. I cut a rectangle of gingham, hemmed it narrowly around the edges, secured some pleats around the top, and then slip-stitched it into place -Taa Daa! The perfect little bag to go with my summer dresses. The most challenging part of the project may just be whittling down the normal contents of my purse to fit into this one!


  1. I want to hear about these books! Can't wait to see the mats!

  2. Dang it...that last comment is Lex again...I can only seem to comment under 'anonymous'.

  3. The purse is too cute! The mats are a good idea too as long as you have something to keep them from sliding out from under you. I am sure the kitties will like having them around!

  4. I think I must have an unreasonable fear of lining things. Good for you, for finishing this one! And the mats are so sweet...


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