On Sunday morning, Ryan and I stopped at Abby's moving sale. We were there early, but Abby said there had been a rush of shoppers ahead of us and that things were well picked over. That may be, but we still managed to find plenty of treasures to take home:

A pink feather tree, a sweet embroidery sampler, two vintage metal trays,

several folds of fabric,

two framed photographs, a package of paper doilies, a milk glass pitcher, a blue hankie covered in polka dotted tea cups, a blue and white Japanese tea cup, and a Pronto! Polaroid Land Camera. We also brought home a glass carafe, which didn't make it into the pictures. All for $10!

We were both delighted in our finds, but I must say that I'm particularly excited about the camera. I always wanted a Polaroid camera. I'm now hunting about the web to find a copy of the manual, and then will search for some film. Goody!


  1. I went to abby's moving sale too!! found so many treasures, i think it was the best yard sale i've ever been to.

  2. Aw, yay!
    So glad to see my junk found a good home :)
    It was SO nice to meet you. Thanks for coming by Crafty Wonderland and the sale.


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