Crafty Wonderland Recap

Sunday was a pretty big day. Ryan made lemon blueberry waffles. I carefully selected a cute outfit. (no photos, of course) We walked up to the bus stop at the corner (see, that's Ryan waiting), and we went to Crafty Wonderland's Super Colossal Spring Show.

After attending Crafty Wonderland's Christmas event, I was particularly excited and delighted. It seemed like the same number of vendors were in attendance, enough to fill a large exhibition hall. At Christmas, however, the place was practically shoulder to shoulder. This time, I could stroll along and look at the booths at my pace, rather than being carried with the crowd.

My first stop was to visit the delightful and incredibly talented Katie at burdyflyaway. She makes the cutest kids' apparel, as well as grow-up tops and dresses, which feature her beautiful silk screen and signature applique. (I really want the design from this onsie on a big-girl dress.) AND, Katie is awesome. She is a member of my craft group and always brings lots of smiles and energy to our gatherings.

After visiting with Katie, it was on to my next stop. I had one goal for my trip to Crafty Wonderland this past weekend. Buy from Abby Try Again. Abby is a local photographer. Her work is just dazzling. I've been working on a collection of art and photography from local artists and really wanted to add some of Abby's work. What has kept me from doing so before now was that I just couldn't choose. Her photos are colorful and wistful and romantic. They make my heart flutter a bit. Ryan helped me choose a couple of prints, and he selected a bookmark for himself. All the while, I got to chat with Abby, which was super fun as I've been reading her blog and drooling over her photos for such a long time now! Sadly, she will be leaving our fair city in a few weeks to go live in Austin. So, you see why I had to get some of her photos this weekend. The good news there is that she's clearing out her stock. Go check out her clearance shop, where she's having a blow out until May 9th.

After we made the stops on my list, Ryan and I enjoyed a peek at all of the other vendors. I find it fascinating to see what other people do, how they spend their time & energy, express their creativity, and make/supplement their living. There are certainly images and themes which are very popular among our craft community. (I noticed lots of robots and monsters.) People here are so creative, but also very resourceful and clever and witty. It is truely inspiring to have access to such an incredible community of artists and craftsters.


  1. Sounds like you both had a wonderful time! I love seeing paintings and photography especially at our town's summer art fair. It is so hard to choose! is also a great source of talented, emerging artists. I've gotten some lovely paintings there that were affordable too.


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