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Saturday morning, after our customary trip to Farmer's Market, we hustled over to Little Byrd's yard sale. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!!!! AND, I got to meet the delightful Little Byrd (aka Rebekah) in person. She is every bit as charming as you might think after reading her blog. I didn't recognize her at first 'cause she was wearing large, dark sunglasses. But, she recognized me and we soon fell into conversation. Fortunately, she's quite outgoing and was able to keep things going when my attention would inevitably be caught by one after another of the treasures on display!

Ryan spotted this vintage shoe case. It's so cool. The lable says "Multnomah, Paul Bunyan Air Luggage, Portland, Ore." and it's monogrammed with the initials M.E.G. It's well used and needs a bit of cleaning, but I quite like to imagine all of the faraway places it must have traveled to over the years...

The jewelry box screamed "Alexis", so I snapped it up and gave it to her later that evening. I couldn't stand to save it for an occasion. It's black lacquer with Mother of Pearl of Abalone inlay and a red interior.

Here's the rest of what I toted home: a blue slip, a 1960's sheet, three doilies, a couple yards of blue wool tweed (to become a new skirt for fall), some striped linen (which I'll make into something this summer), a paper mache tray, two bags of vintage buttons, and a travel tissue pouch and fabric pencil case (both made by Little Byrd herself).

The sheet is SO soft. It feels like 100% cotton, which I believe is somewhat rare for the period due to the recent introduction of oh-so-practical polyester. I can't decide how I want to use it. As a sheet? To back a quilt? To make something to wear, like PJ pants or a sundress?

This is the interior of the box, which is lined in burgundy silk. All of those little pockets around the edges are to hold shoes. I can't help but envision them filled with yarn...

Here's a better view of the doilies. I love the sherbet colors.

Can you believe all of the buttons? I didn't look through the contents of each bag, so it was great fun to open them at home. Not pictured are 3 which I immediately sewed onto a newly finished cardigan.

These blue and green buttons are probably my very favorite of the bunch. There are quite enough of each for a blouse, dress, or cardigan. I think I even have fabric in my stash to go with the green buttons. Just have to decide on a pattern...

I also am really taken with these sparkly buttons.

Even these empty button cards are charming. Why aren't buttons cards still this cute?

We also came home with a couple of white diner-style mugs and a large glass stein, which had Ryan very excited. It was difficult confining our purchases to this little stash. If you're interested in aquiring your own vintage treasures, check out Rebekah's etsy shop: Little Byrd Vintage.


  1. xoxoxoxox!
    It was so great to meet you Melissa :) Thanks dear.

  2. I love the wooden box with satin lining - beautiful!


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