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My finished Denim & Lace Cardi, from this post. I am ridiculously pleased with myself over this project. The variegated blues of the yarn remind me of a comfy pair of blue jeans and the crisp white against the blue is very satisfying. Here, I've paired it with a very feminine eyelet skirt, but it would work just as well with jeans or linen pants.

I crocheted 13 little buttons and 4 motifs from yarn leftover from some previous project. The motif appliqued to the front is a more permanent take on the brooch or flower I often wear pinned to my blouse/dress/jacket.

The back, with the remaining 3 motifs. I was a bit concerned that the appliques might add an uncomfortable stiffness to the back, but thankfully that isn't the case at all. It moves quite well, and the main yarn, Araucania Patagonia Nature Cotton, is delightfully light and soft.

A closer look. The pattern I used, Buttony, was really just a loose formula, which encouraged quite a bit of freedom in the knitting. Before knitting mine, I looked at all of the other versions on Ravelry. It's so amazing to see the creativity of the many different interpretations. Hopefully, mine will stand out among the rest. Lex told me that it is uniquely Melissa.

My other recent achievement, the Little Engineer Dress made with the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern, first mentioned here. I'm calling it Little Engineer Dress because the fabric strongly resembles that of the caps worn by train engineers.

It's shorter than I normally would wear. Much shorter. (I've never liked my knees overmuch.) But, it's sweet and breezy and comfortable and it was incredibly easy to sew. It also received several compliments when I wore it on Saturday, which thrilled me to no end. I'm thinking that I'll have to make a few versions.

See you soon!


  1. LOVE the dress! I want one!

  2. Me too but I think I would wear it as a tunic. If you think you aren't overly fond of your knees....................

  3. Oh by the way, I love the chapeau! It is just the thing for the dress!

  4. !!!!!! Cute! I adore the crocheted motifs. What a simple way to make a sweater fabulous. And you're right about the white-on-denim. Really nice.

  5. I love your sweater! It is so delightfully vintage! I esp. love the little doily motifs. I have so many from my great-grandmother and I am always interested in new ways to use them. (They are much too big to be appliqued on a sweater, though).


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