I'm knitting a sweater which appears to blend perfectly with my living room. Well, I'm nothing if not consistent...

The pattern is called Buttony, I've called my version the Denim & Lace Buttony. It's a very, very loose pattern. Mostly just a guideline. There have been 826 Buttony sweaters knit & posted to Ravelry. It's amazing to see the different variations, the directions people's creativity takes them.

This is an early photo of the project. I put the last touches to it last night. I'll get pictures and show you soon. It's really quite charming, even if it was slightly inspired by my furniture.


  1. Pretty always looked great in blue, Melissa.

  2. Thanks, Phou! Stick with what works, right? I have expanded the color palate ever so slightly and now have a healthy collection of pinks and purples. Even some green!


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