Meet Tess. Tess is my sweater. Isn't she pretty? The pattern and knitting were quite simple and straightforward. But, my mind would wander a bit and I kept making silly mistakes.

So, I had to keep ripping out rows and keep re-knitting. Bother. The finished result is quite pretty, though. My only complaint also comes down to my own inattention. I have a long waist and neglected to add in extra rows so that the drawstring would both sit at my natural waist and be in the right spot on the sweater. I tugged it down a bit for the pictures.

Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern and the buttons. I was lucky to find just the right buttons. These came from Fabric Depot. The yarn is the now discontinued Rowan Soft Lux. It's a merino angora blend with just a touch of sparkle - not so much that I'd feel silly wearing the sweater with jeans while running about town. Given the yarn's name and fiber content, it should come as no surprise that it is beautifully soft.

Of course, I can never resist a flower or brooch or pin, so I also had to knit Tea Rose. The last finishing touch. The book had patterns for a couple of other flower brooches and I have more leftover yarn, so you might be seeing more of these.


  1. Cute! I tend to be wary of clothes with sparkle, but I find this very tasteful.

    By the way, I totally bought Making your Place, and I LOVE it! Have you made any of the salves or anything yet? I'm considering buying seeds for various medicinal herbs online (unless I can find them in the Portland area, which I haven't been able to do yet) and growing some to make lots of dried herbs for things.

  2. Daisy,
    Glad you were inspired. I have not made anything, yet. I did find Calendula seeds, which need planting, at Pharmaca. They are carrying Seeds of Change. I'm sure you'd have good luck at Portland Nursery, also.

  3. Haha...I have those glass jars too! Though, my bookshelves don't look as nice or orderly as yours, Melissa. :-(

  4. Tess is beautiful -- I especially love the flower pin!

  5. I liked the buttons you put on this sweater. It turned out very nice.

  6. The yarn and buttons of your Tess sweater go together perfectly - and the knitting is really lovely!


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