Window Garden

Our kitchen sink is situated in a corner underneath two windows. Above the sink is a little ledge on which I currently have a collection of plants. Clockwise from the left are a rabbit's-foot fern, a cyclamen, a clover, and a christmas cactus.

Look at the new sprouts in the clover. Something so hopeful about sprouts... The plant was an impulse gift from a co worker a few years ago. The job was a total nightmare, but looking at this plant reminds me of the kindness of that coworker. I also take comfort that both the plant and I survived an extremely toxic environment.

The cactus has recently sprouted lots of new leaves. I am so proud! When we were in Minnesota this past February, I took cuttings from Ryan's grandmother's cactus. It's a huge plant. I think his aunt said she remembered it in the house when she was a little girl. That I could get the cuttings home, get them to root and, finally, to grow seems like a minor miracle.

The fern is also a horticultural heirloom from Minnesota. We brought back four of the "rabbit's feet" and they, too, have begun to sprout. I think Ryan's aunt said her fern was from cutting from her great-grandmother's plant. So, our humble little sprouts have a long history.

The cyclamen is the one I bought in January. I nearly killed the poor thing. But, it survived and I'm hoping to nurse it back to health. This happy, sunny little spot brings a lot of comfort to both me and the plants.


  1. I love the rabbit's foot fern...mine keep dying. You'd think I'd have better luck with inside plants given the juggle of our gardens and yard.

  2. Not at all! I really struggle with indoor plants, too. Hence, my excitement of the success of these...

  3. We were given a cyclamen when we moved into this house by Connie who helped us with the plans. I had it sputtering for life in no time at all. I also tryed some in the garden at one point but no luck there either. I think they are just hard to grow.

    I'm so glad your generational cuttings are surviving and growing. Next time you visit your grandmother, you should take some of her plant cuttings home! She has a huge jade plant that she moves in and out of the bungalo every winter that would work for a cutting.

  4. I think that Treva took cuttings from Grandma's jade plant during her last visit. Certainly Grandma has tons of plants I'd love to take bits from. If only we had a house/yard of our own. Then I could duplicate half the plants in Grandma's garden!


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