Beautiful Books

We made am impromptu stop at Powell's this weekend, on the way back from the Market. While Ryan looked at books about seasonal cooking and how to make your own everything, I headed over to the knitting and sewing aisles, of course. The knitting aisle is a bit bereft this time of year. I didn't stay long. One row over, though, I was knee deep in delightful sewing books. Here are a few which caught my eye:

Wendy Mullin's latest, Built By Wendy Dresses. Bloggers have been raving about the most recent addition to Wendy's Sew U series, with good reason. After hearing so much about the book, it was a thrill to finally see it in person. I have her first two volumes, and definitely plan to add this one, in time.

One-Yard Wonders is packed full of budget-friendly, instant gratification projects. I have a nearly a yard of this Liberty fabric, which begs to be made into a sweet and simple top. This book had a few really good options from which to choose, as well as tons of other projects I'd be delighted to make.

Handmade Soirees is the latest installment from Kari Meng of French General. Lots of projects to craft and sew in this little treasure, her second sewing book. She also has two books on jewelry making, and her own line of fabrics, which are based on the vintage French linens she's spent her life collecting. Go visit her website. I challenge you not to drool.

I've got this lovely book by Meg McElwee on loan from the library. I had to wait a long time to get it, so there is no chance that I'll be able to renew at the end of my three weeks - boo! I also am not sure I can wait so long, again, to get it back out from the library. Therefore, I must get a copy of my own. Must. So many patterns in this one that I have to make.

Finally, we come to gorgeous and inspiring Alabama Studio Style, the second book by the brilliant Natalie Chanin. I am particularly excited about this book because Natalie will be in Portland this week. Sadly, I'll not be attending what sounds like a fabulous workshop at the Ace Hotel on Saturday. I will however, be present at her book signing at Powell's tomorrow night at 7:30pm, with my copy of her first book. Shall I see you there?


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