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I have to share with you some pictures that my mother shared with me. They were taken by a photographer for LIFE at a rug hooking bee in July of 1951. It appears there were lectures and demonstrations, and I imagine there was also an incredible exchange of ideas. I am fascinated by the variety of women who attended the event, the different of motifs they worked into their rugs (everything from geometrics, to landscapes,to intricate florals), and of course, quite taken with their fashions.

For several months now I've been dreaming of a plaid shirt-waist dress, and here this lovely lady has got it on!

Doesn't her beautiful blouse and skirt just scream "artist"? While there were a wide variety of dresses worn by the attendees, this lady's outfit is unique - so simple and romantic.

Check out this industrious Little Miss, carrying her canvas and supplies in her sweet little dress and Mary Janes.

And here she is working on her design. How old do you suppose she was? 10? Wonder if she maintained her hobby when she grew up. Maybe she became an accomplished artist.

Don't you just love these two ladies, enjoying their sack-lunches in the shade? They look so serious, but I'll bet that when they got through their sandwiches, they shared some pretty good gossip.

I wonder what happened to all of those rugs they made. Do you suppose they were finished? Did they grace walls as decoration, or did they live beneath their families' feet? To see more of the pictures of the event, go here.


  1. these make me happy! I do the exact same thing with old photos. :)

  2. I love that last photo of the two women eating and thinking.


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