Sewing Soon

When I've not been working on my Spring Cleaning recently, I've been dreaming about my Spring/Summer wardrobe. After recently unpacking my warm weather clothes, I must admit that there is little I need. Some new shoes, for sure. Other than that, I'm pretty well set. Not that I'm gonna let that stop me from adding to said wardrobe. Oh, no. What would be the fun in that?

Most urgently, I need a new spring coat. I've got my eye on two possible patterns, Lady Grey by Collette (top), and the Trench Topper from Indygo Junction (above). They both have nice lines. I guess I have to decide between buttons or a belt. What do you think?

Next on my list is another Collette pattern, Sencha. I love this blouse. It has three variations, two of which button up the back. I already have fabric washed and ready to go for this one, but need to pick up the pattern. Bolt is having their semi-annual sale next weekend, April 16-18, maybe I'll pick up the pattern then.

Then, I'm trying to decide between the Schoolhouse Tunic, by Sew Liberated,

and Audrey's Afternoon Dress, by Indygo Junction. Maybe I need to make them both...?

Finally, I'm also really wanting to make the 1930's Day Dress by Folkwear in a retro reproduction print. I'm considering the view on the left.

So, that's my sewing list, minus an apron or two. And maybe a new blouse. And Katherine Hepburn-style trousers. In linen.


  1. The Indigo Junction pattern is my vote. It looks like one version has side buttons? I like that look.

    I received an email from a rug hooking fried yesterday with a link to pictures of a huge hook in held in MA in 1951. Out of the thousand women in attendance, I saw none in pants. Even the two little girls in the pictures were in dresses. I love the look of all the shirtwaist dresses in the pics and think you should make one for yourself. It is just your kitchy style! Mom

  2. I think I am leaning towards the Indygo Junction pattern...with side buttons. How well you know me! Also, I've been dreaming of making a shirtwaist dress. May have found a pattern I like in an issue of Burda, but will you e-mail me the photo for some inspiration?

  3. Cool, it's great to see that you're sewing. At least one of us is :-)



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