Lovely In Lilac

My latest FO (that's Finished Obect, yo!): Sublime Yarn's Garbo, from this book, knit with four skeins of this yarn. The pattern was simple, the yarn is like a cloud, the finished effect is lovely. I did have some issues, about which you can read at my project page on Ravelry.

Here's a close-up of the buttons. They were among those I purchased at last weekend's yard sale. They are clear plastic with white paint around the the outsides. The moment I shook them out of the bag, I knew they were just the thing for this sweater, which I had only just finished seaming the previous night. They really are lovely when they catch the light and reflect the color of the yarn.

Even though the plastic buttons are very light, I felt the knitted fabric wasn't quite sturdy enough on it's own to properly support them. Luckily, I found some hem tape at Josephine's Dry Goods that matched exactly. It only took a few minutes to hand stitch the hem tape to the sweater before attaching the buttons. Well worth the extra bit of effort.

Just had to share this last photo. I usually take tons, in order to get at least a couple of good shots. This was done near the end, when I was feeling a bit goofy - obviously.


  1. lovelovelovelovelovelove! Would it bother you if I knit the same thing exactly? In the same color? With the same buttons? (kidding. if only...)

    What is the pretty pin you have on?

  2. Thanks Daisy, ever so much! I shouldn't disclose me secrets, but the pin was made by Goody and picked up at Target several years ago. In addition to the pin-back, there was also a hair elastic attached. I just cut off the elastic.


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