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I've had some lovely surprises in the mail over the last week or two. Recently, I undertook a pen pal campaign. I sent letters out to my far-flung cousins and girlfriends. So far, I've heard back from two. Not a bad return, I'd say. I've been missing hearing from people. I've been wanting conversations. I have a drawer full of stationary that I must use before I'm allowed to buy more.

First to write back was my dear friend Beth, who lives in Ohio. We met when we both worked at the School of Journalism at Mizzou. She was a J-School grad working as an advisor, I was the receptionist. We couldn't be more different, but for some reason became fast friends. Actually, she might tell you I badgered her into being my friend. I'm not sure she'd be wrong... Now, she's married, a mama of two, and teaches both in her local school system and for Bowling Green State. Beth sent the card on the right. It perfectly captures her sharp, irreverent sense of humor.

The next to write back was my lovely cousin Bridget. She's sweet and funny and earnest and living the single gal's life in L.A. She's been working in the entertainment industry as an assistant and writer pretty much ever since she graduated from NYU. (Is that right? NYU?) I am at least four years older than the rest of my girl cousins. For a while, I ran our games and bossed the cousins and my sister about (no surprise there!). But then, I outgrew games and held myself apart. Fours years can be a huge divide when you're a kid. I'm looking forward to knowing Bridget as an adult, and I'm loving the sweet Jill Bliss stationary.

Last to come in the mail was the GORGEOUS Malabrigo lace weight yarn. The color is Bobby Blue, and it is perfect. It came from the delightful and talented Stephanie aka OhSewCrafty. She helps moderate a Ravelry group to which I belong and sent the yarn a prize for my Arran sweater, previously mentioned here. Arran was submitted for Ravelympics and received the most "Love" votes from our group. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm done with that...

In other news, I got a new camera over the weekend - Yippee! The local camera shop was having a blow out sale, so we stopped in and snapped one up. I need to say "Thank You" one last time to Alexis for loaning me her camera while I was without.

Ryan and I did go to Crafty Wonderland. I'll tell you more about that later this week.

I have three knitting/crocheting projects and three sewing projects in progress right now. Wow.

Finally, here's something I sent in the mail a couple of weeks ago. They're invitations I made for a little gathering I'm hosting tomorrow night to mark the end of our First Annual May Day Basket Exchange.

Several of the lovely gals in my craft group made May Baskets to leave for each other. Per tradition, we left the baskets in secret. Tomorrow night we get to guess who left our baskets. After we all know who gifted whom, I'll tell & show you more about it. It's been really difficult to keep quiet about the fun for this long, but I was afraid of giving something away!


  1. I made the blog! You made my day!

  2. I love the invites. You are a crafty wench. I hope your May Basket event was successful.


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