Finished Objects

Hi! Did I miss anything? It's been a while... I was feeling a bit discouraged about posting without the benefit of a camera. BUT, my sister came to my rescue and lent me her camera (Thanks, Lex!) and I finally have pictures to share.

While I've been quiet here, I've been very busy elsewhere - lots and lots of knitting and sewing happening. So, where should I start? I don't want to overwhelm... I guess that today I'll show you some of my recent finished knitting. I think I mentioned a couple of these here.

This is my rendition of Erika Knight's Tank Top, which I call the Petal Vest because the yarn is the palest pink. It was a very satisfying quick knit, and the yarn is soooooo soft.

Next is the Delicious. I really love this sweater. It's cozy, but light enough that I'll be able to wear it into the spring. It has yet to make it's public debut, I've been waiting for just the right outing. Don't you just love it's vintage lines?

Finally, my first submission for the Ravelympics, Arran. Isn't it Gorgeous?! After nearly a week of sunny and warmish weather here in Portland, Mother Nature obliged me with a cool day so that I could wear Arran before Spring is truely with us. The yarn for this is the softest ever. I used it once before in a sweater for Ryan and an attorney in his office suggested it would make nice boxers... There's a little left, so maybe I'll whip up a fabulous slouchy beret to wear next winter.

I'll leave it here for now, 'cause there is still quite a bit of show & tell to come.


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