I'm So Excited...

How cool is this?! A yarn crawl and scavenger hunt?! In Portland!!! YIPPEE!!!! There are so many local yarn stores in Portland. We are completely spoiled for choice. I've visited only a small number of these stores, though, the ones along my well traveled routes through town. The yarn crawl will provide just the reason to visit all of the other more far-flung shops. Click here for more info on the Portland Yarn Crawl, March 5,6, and 7.


  1. Oh- have fun!! Did you ever make it to Lint when it was still open? I loved that shop. It was where I learned how to knit.

  2. Yeah, it was just a couple of blocks from my apartment. I loved it there. Sigh... Now I go across the river to Twisted or Close Knit.


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