A Sunny Afternoon

Yesterday was a glorious, warm (relatively), sunny day. I spent the whole afternoon out. After dressing up in my newly finished charcoal wool skirt, I met Ryan for lunch at the Deschuttes Brewery. They have a an entire gluten-free menu, and brew a really yummy root beer (also gluten-free). It's such a treat to have a weekday lunch together, and an especial treat to be able to order freely at a restaurant without being tempted to cheat on my dietary restrictions.

After lunch, I stopped into Powell's and picked up this new sewing book. It's been out for a while now, and featured on many, many blogs, so I was pretty excited to get my own copy. I've taken a couple of pattern-drafting classes. It's a simple enough process, but I needed an approachable guide to remind me of the steps and help me through. There are instructions for drafting a basic button-down shirt, t-shirt, dress, pants, and skirt, plus several variations on each. I'm going to have a whole new wardrobe in no time!

Next, I went across the street to Anthropologie. They were restyling the store, which was fascinating. Their displays are always so fabulous, so the store looked quite naked with everything pulled off the walls. After looking longingly at all of the gorgeous clothes and home decor, I focused in on a basket of tights on sale, and bought a pair in my favorite shade of peacock blue, the exact color of the lining of my skirt! Above are some of the other socks I was admiring. Those pom poms just kill me!

On my way home, I walked by Cargo, and couldn't resist going inside. It's so festive and bright and fun, both outside and in. They have all sorts of fabulous treasures, from inexpensive trinkets (like Chinese Finger Traps and lip-shaped whistles), to imported antiques and oddities (baskets of antique saris and majhong tiles), to one-of-a-kind jewlery. I resisted buying any treats to take home with me, but mostly because there were too many from which to choose!

When I got home, I flew about the apartment finishing some chores and enjoyed the late afternoon sun streaming through the front windows. Our apartment is really so beautiful when the sun shines in...

Today, the rain and gray skies are back and I've slowed back down. I'm still working on the last of my tea and listening to the rain spattering outside. It's late to still be snuggled into my flannel robe, but I'm enjoying the luxury. I think I'll bake a batch of our favorite oatmeal cookies this afternoon. The butter is already softening on the counter. Maybe I'll cut out the fabric for a new dress to wear this spring. Also, I still desperately need to swatch for my Ravelympics projects, as well as decide what to take to Open Knitting at Close Knit tonight. Better get busy!


  1. Pretty soon you will have outlearned me on how to design and draft your own clothing! I have a text book to teach me but haven't yet found the time to go through it step by step. No classes are available to me here unless I attend one of the universities in the area teaching clothing design. That is not likely to happen!
    Luv ya! Mom


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