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Now that I've started to get some of my WIP's settled, it's time to prepare for the next round!

The other day I swatched for Delicious (left) and for Adele (right). They've been on my list for a while now, and I even have the yarn already! (See, Ryan, I knit from my stash!) I have a couple of long car & plane rides ahead of me this week. Delicious will be perfect to take along.

I'm also considering making either of the following two vintage patterns. The Glengarry and Yorkshire Two-Hour Sweater*:

or the 3-Hour Sweater*:

Also in the queue, are this vest:

and The Cloud Bolero*:

Most of these patterns look pretty quick and easy, so maybe I can get several done before the weather starts to warm again. (She says optimistically.) Of course, I could really use more hats/scarves/gloves/fingerless mitts, so I might sneak some of those in, too. Oh, and now my slippers have a lovely set of matching holes in the heels. Must make new slippers...

Finally, I was looking at this fabric in my stash the other day & thinking how much I love it, even though it is quite a departure from my usual choices.

Then, Amy announced the new theme at Tie-One-On. It must be fate. I have until March to figure the apron out. It definitely needs a cute accent fabric in a bright color to make it pop. Maybe aqua/turquoise? Oooo, maybe Rick Rack? You know how I love Rick Rack!!!

See you when I get back into town!

*Photo from Ravelry


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