FYI, that's "Works In Progress."

You might think that after all of my Christmas crafting, I must be taking it slow. Nope! I'm happily pressing onward. Several projects were put in hibernation while I was busy making decorations and gifts, and I've been glad to get back to them.

It's not an exaggeration to say that I didn't pick up my knitting needles once between Thanksgiving and New Year's. (Gasp!) Since then, I'm making rapid progress on Ryan's Plain Vanilla. I've finished knitting the front and back. I only need to seam the shoulders and add the ribbing at the neck and arms. Hopefully it'll be done within the week.

The other knitting project on my needles are Ryan's Saturday Morning Slippers. The holes in his current slippers keep growing, so I really need to get going with these! We'll be driving to Seattle tomorrow and I think the drive will be ideal for whipping these up.

A couple of months ago, I sewed these pretty pillow cases, but never put buttons on the back of the two larger pillows.

You see, I wanted to do self-covered buttons, and since Bolt was out of the size I wanted, I had to wait to finish. Yesterday, I finally assembled a few.

Aren't they cute? For some reason I find they're SO satisfying to make. Just have to sew them onto the pillows...

Also in the sewing basket are these two skirts.

The first is the back of a sweet little number I picked up at the thrift store. I took out a couple of darts to let it out a bit, then added this bias-tape waist-band rather than try to force the original back on. How do you like the little bow I made? (Mom did me a favor while she was here and hand-finished the waist-band for me - Thanks Mom!) It's still a little tight across the lower hips, so I'll let the sides out a touch, and then put the hem back in. Hopefully the work or just one afternoon.

The second skirt is one I started several months ago. I got the fabrics at the
Fabric Depot outdoor sale for a crazy low price. The outside is a really lovely charcoal wool blend, and the lining is dark turquoise China Silk.
It's been finished for months now, except for putting a hem in the lining. I've had a couple of tries at doing it by myself, but with no success. Mom helped me get things marked while she was here, so hopefully this should be pretty quick to finish. I can't wait to show it to you when it's finally done!

Last, I've got a small embroidery project.

It was actually supposed to be part of Ryan's Christmas gift, but I ran out of time. You see, we use a lot of tissue in our house. Tons. In addition to what we use at home, we both usually carry little pocket packs when we leave the house. Hoping to cut back a bit, I've started collecting and using vintage & reproduction hankies when I leave the house. After a while, Ryan said he'd be interested in using handkerchiefs, too. I really wanted to have a brand spankin' new set all ready to go for him Christmas morning, complete with embroidered initials. Instead, he got the handkerchiefs and an I.O.U. for the embroidery.

Well, I had better get busy!


  1. WOW! What great projects!! I am pretty impressed ith your skills, especially those skirts and the knitted vest. Thanks for leaving a comment the other day :) How great that you are here in portland too!! Happy New Year!!


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