Can't Stop...

...reading this book. I first saw it mentioned by Solanah. The title captivated me. Mysteries and Benedicts? Seriously? Two things I love so very much? Of course, the Benedict part doesn't refer to my favorite breakfast food. (Sigh) Still it's been a fun read, one I'd highly recommend. I picked it up last night around 10:00, forced myself to go to bed two hours later, and then immediately picked it up again this morning. This is the first in a series of three books, which means I'm late to the party - better late than never though, right? I also just discovered their website, which has lots of fun features. Also worth mentioning are the illustrations, which are done by Portland artist Carson Ellis (famous for her work with The Decemberists).

So, grab a nice cuppa and enjoy this delightful little read!


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