And so we begin another week...

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Mostly we rested and enjoyed being home. The sun shone beautifully on Saturday, so Ryan headed out for a (15-mile!) bike ride while I headed for a nap. There is really nothing quite like a nice long nap on a sunny afternoon! Equally lovely: having a dear friend drop in for a chat and a nice cuppa, brunch on a rainy Sunday morning, and darkening the doorway of my sister's kitchen while she turns out a delicious dinner.

Before leaving for Minnesota, I downloaded the pictures from my camera, including these of Ryan's finished handkerchiefs. All of the embroidery was done using running stitch and 3 strands of floss. I printed his initials in several different fonts, and then traced them onto the handkerchiefs before embroidering over them. It only took one evening to complete the set. Ryan reports that he is quite satisfied with his new tissue alternatives. I'm satisfied to report that they all went through the wash this weekend and none of the embroidery came out!

In other crafty news, last week ended in a bit of a triumph for me. I FINALLY finished the Plain Vanilla, and Ryan wore it to work today. Hopefully I'll soon be able to show you pictures. (Still no word on my camera...) Also, I am making quick progress on my Delicious sweater, just finishing up the sleeves. With luck they'll only take me another evening or two, and then I can get them blocked and start stitching it all together. Ryan's slippers are progressing far more slowly, but I have high hopes of finishing them before the weather turns so warm they are no longer needed.

One final note. Though it is only January, I am seeing signs of winter's end! The crocus which cover our neighbors' front lawn each spring are already poking through the remainder of last autumn's leaves. Some have even started to unfurl deep purple petals. AND, the daffodils planted next our front step have sprung up! I'm so glad to see that they survived the "landscaping" our landlords did last summer.


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