We made a little trip to our favorite farm last weekend. Ryan rode his bike out, while I followed with the car.

After the long ride, Ryan was hungry and indulged in a Zenner's sausage and a beer by Captured By Porches. Then, we grabbed a pair of shears and headed out to cut peonies. Ryan took over photographer duties so that I could choose my flowers.

The Debutante.


A lonely stand of poppies.

The Farm Store, beyond the flowers.

If we'd been married in June, instead of September, I would've had a bouquet of peonies...

A day or two after bringing these lovelies home, most had opened their petals. Don't they look a bit like a row of can-can dancers? And, they smell divine. Ah, peonies...


  1. I am silent reader, I never leave comments, but I love the stuff you make. But I had a question, that you may be able to help on. I am contemplating teacher gifts for my kids teachers, but I am not sure what to make. The top of my list is decoupaged clip boards with cute notepads and pens, or fabric Coffee cozy/sleeves and a starbucks gift card? Which would you prefer to get from students, and if you've gotten gifts from students, what have you liked the best?

  2. Nettie,
    Glad you've been enjoying my projects! I consulted with a teacher friend and she thinks the coffee cozy/gift card is the way to go. It would be a project with lots of possibilities. Good luck, have fun, and it was nice to hear from you!


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