Slow Morning

I'm feeling a little slow this week, which is why it's already Friday and I've yet to post. There are so many things to show you, so many things to tell, but I'm indulging in some quiet. Since returning from our camping trip (which was great, and I promise to tell you all about it next week!), Portland has offered nothing but cloudy gray skies and rain. I've decided to open my arms wide and embrace the stillness, then snuggle up with it and the kitties while daydreaming about the busy days of summer ahead. For now, I'm ignoring the to-do lists and the gigantic stack of laundry threatening to take over the bedroom. I have kept the dishes under control, though. Really, it's the little things, right?

See, I'm taking it so slowly that I'm still in my robe and pj's. And it's almost noon.

So, next week I'll be back - I swear - to tell you all about our trip and to show off lots of projects. In the meantime, here's some stuff you might find interesting:

  • Rose Festival is here (hence the crappy weather), and it's Fleet Week. Head down to the Waterfront to ride the rides, stare at the sailors in their Middy's, and tour the ships.
  • Farmer Don's strawberries are ready for pickin' out at Kruger's Farm! Grab your buckets, and maybe some rain boots, and pick as many as you can eat/carry.
  • Tonight, Land is hosting the opening of new works by Emily, aka The Black Apple. The show is called "Lost on the Midway." She's been sharing peeks of her projects over at her blog, and the show looks to be really cool. We're definitely going.
  • Today is National Doughnut Day! Be still my heart! After the show, we might just have to take a detour to Staccato Gelato, who make our favorite doughnuts in town.
  • I feel like there was something else, but I can't remember what. Really, how does one follow National Doughnut Day? Could there be anything more delightful? Free Kitten/Puppy Day, maybe? Oh, well. Guess I'll call it good and go get myself one more cup of tea. Happy Weekend, folks!


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