A little while back, I was chatting with my dear friend Jen about getting her children ready to go back-to-school. She had most everything ready, but the kids needed new lunch bags. After discussing the cost of buying new ones, I suggested that Jen make the lunch bags and rattled off how easily I believed they could be put together. As I finished, I found myself saying, "Oh, hell, why don't I just make them? Then I can blog about it!" And so, here they are.

All of my materials were purchased at Bolt, of course. Each bag takes a 1/2 yard of an interior and an exterior fabric and a package of bias tape. I also used 1/2 yard of thermal lining between the two bags and a couple of snippets of hook & loop tape. Ryan's current store-bought lunch bag gave me the measurements I needed to make my pattern.

The construction was pretty straight forward, the most challenging bit being the final assembly and application of the bias tape through so many layers and with such a narrow seam. But, they turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself. Oh, and the kids were delighted with them!

I was considering doing a free pattern and tutorial for the bags. Is anyone interested? (If so, leave a message in the comments.) Ryan has requested a replacement for his lunch bag, so I could use his to illustrate the process.


  1. Oy! I'm right barmy for me Paddington Bear LunchSack, luv!


  2. lovelovelovelovelovelove. So cute! Yes please, tutorial!

  3. So adorable! Much cuter than the Spiderman one Will picked out. Yuck.

  4. Um, yes please for the tutorial! Those are just adorable......did you use a leather needle on your sewing machine? That might make it easier to get through the layers.....

  5. Love the bags. I taught a summer kids lunch bag sewing class at my local fabric store but like your bag better!

  6. Yes I want the tutorial, we picked up a bag for school, Ollie keeps leaving it there, so I might need a couple in rotation, and those are adorable!


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