Finally, pictures of my version of Camellia. I made a few modifications to the pattern, which you can read about on my project page at Ravelry. I've shown it styled it a couple of different ways, both of which make me very happy.

Cap Sleeve Detail

Neck Detail

Hem Detail

Pattern: Camellia, by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Louet Merlin Sport

Very pleased with both the pattern and the yarn. Actually, this was my first time working with linen yarn and I loved it! Also, it is absolutely lovely to wear.

Two new projects on the needles and a couple of sewing projects to share very soon.


  1. cute! I'm in love with the top photos, with the ribbon around the waist. Very chic.


  2. That should be painted in oil "charming lady with yellow bird". I guess Sotheby`s would be intersted....Yes, it is a very nice pullover and again very nice fotos.

  3. Love that color on you! My favorites are the photos with the ribbon around your waist. It brings more attention to your lovely face!


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