Not Stinky

I finally made my own deodorant! What, does that sound weird? Actually, it was extremely satisfying. I used Amy's recipe with a couple of modifications. First, I forgot the cornstarch - oops. Also, I added some azulene oil. I figured it couldn't hurt. The more skin-soothing goodness, the better.

I measured everything but the essential oils into a metal mixing bowl, which I set over a pot of simmering water. Then I melted and mixed to my little heart's content. After it was combined, I added my essential oils: geranium, neroli, and sandalwood.

Most of it was poured into an empty deodorant container, saved from my last stick from the store. The rest went into this little heart-shaped container, which first came to me full of Jordan almonds at a bridal shower. Go figure. After everything was set, I discovered there were some flaws in my deodorant stick plan. I can't get it to push up. So, I've just been scooping a tiny bit out of the heart container each morning. At least it looks cute on my dresser, right?

So, does it work? Yes, it does. I've been very pleased. I was never really happy with conventional deodorants - Secret, Dove, Degree - and have been similarly disappointed with natural deodorants - Tom's, J/A/S/O/N, Nature's Gate, and who knows what else. So, I figured why not try Amy's formula? I'm so glad I did!

The whole process took maybe 15 minutes. The hardest parts were scraping the shea and cocoa butters from their containers and getting the balance of the essential oils just right. If you consider making your own, I'd highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs as a source for the butters. They also carry a huge range of essential oils, teas, and herbs and spices.

Now that I'm smelling sweet, I'll be off to enjoy lots of fun summer activities. Saturday we're heading to the farm to pick some peas and buy some berries at crazy good prices. Then we might stop by Pix's Bastille Day Celebration. Oh, and I'll be heading to see DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid for their 8th anniversary party - Woo Hoo!!! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Oh, and what do you think of the new banner? It's making me super happy.


  1. those gnomes sure are doing a good job with our flowers!

    love the new banner...


  2. Yes I like your banner also. And very much that hugh mushroom. Have you made it yourself? And the recipe for the deo sounds interesting. On my blog you have asked if the pendant is vintage? Sorry, no. That day I was looking for a nice collier and in the deep of my drawer I found this penedant , which I had almost fotgotten. I like it very much for summer and so I showed it to the blogcommunity. It is from the danish brand "Pilgrim". They make very nice jewellery whith vintageinfluences. Greetings and I wish you a lovely sunday.


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