Seattle, Day 1

Well, I've kept you waiting long enough! Time for some show and tell. Before I get started, I'll mention that I was obliged with a couple of chilly days last week and did get to wear my fabulous new green sweater - Hooray! Hard to believe, as this week we're supposed to get temps near 100!

So, we started out trip in Portland's Union Station, which first opened to the public in 1896 and was renovated and rededicated 100 years later. We're lucky to have such a gorgeous and well maintained working train station. Above is a view of the ceiling tiles and light fixtures.

A bit of an Art Deco touch, neon signs direct travelers to Telephones, Baggage Dept., and Security. The waiting room is filled with long wooded benches that really reminded me of church pews.

To Trains!

About to board. I dressed up special for the occasion, my first real train ride in probably 15 years.

Our train was stopped a couple of times to let larger trains pass, but once we were stopped because there were cows on the line. No, really, I'm serious - cows on the line! Anyway, as we finally got up the Sound, Ryan and I walked/staggered back to the snack car to take in the views. I just loved the drifts of California poppies along the rails.

This old, abandoned building caught my eye. I wonder if it's use was once related to that pier in the background?



Our first sighting of the space needle, as we headed off to meet up with friends and family for dinner.

Seattle, like Portland, is just stuffed full of public art. You've gotta love a city with lots of public art!

Chicken Korma, Aloo Gobi, and Mango Vegetable Curry on the patio at Qazis in Fremont. So good! After dinner we all went for a walk down by the riverfront. Pretty awesome evening!

Ok, back tomorrow with more...


  1. Seems to be a very nice journey. A little bit Agatha Christie over it, with such an nice old station...

  2. Tee Hee! I had just finished Murder on the Orient Express and totally had that in mind while we were traveling!

  3. Yes , that we can see on your fotos. I wonder which adventures will come, surely some mysterious people will cross your way...

  4. Oh, I love Seattle! And Fremont especially. Although I haven't taken the train there yet. In fact, I've never been in Union Station. Funky!


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