Rose Garden

It's been a while. I've been caught up in summer, which has finally reached us here in Portland. Yesterday I spent the entire day sewing. It was wonderful. I made a new dress and remade a linen shirt of Ryan's into a wonderfully girly top for me. I've also just put the finishing touches on my latest knitted top and have been swatching for the next couple of projects. Ryan and I made our first jam of the season and I made some deoderant! Pictures soon of everything, plus a new banner in the works - I promise. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some photos taken at a recent outing to the Portland International Test Rose Garden. Enjoy!

See 'ya next time!


  1. Love roses and that garden is a dream and attention there is a very nice blue bag! It will be very interesting to see the fotos of your new projects. Have a wonderful weekend!Greetings from Annette

  2. Annette - I nearly keel over with excitement whenever we get to the garden... So many gorgeous roses & I can get right into them! The bag has been fantastic. It holds a ton. I've been taking it with me everywhere. Happy weekend to you, too!

  3. Lovely rose pics-thanks for sharing! I went to Reed College in Portland, and that rose garden was my favorite place!


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