Farm Tunes

Has it already been a week since the last farm concert? Well, I guess I should maybe show you the photos from last week. Some were taken by me, some by Ryan. It was a really beautiful evening out on the farm. We were joined by lots of good friends, I packed a picnic and put on an new dress (made the previous evening), and we settled in to listen to The Buckles.

Dinner: Homemade rhubarb soda, from this recipe, fried chicken, from here, and a salad of new potatoes, bacon & spinach in a buttermilk bleu cheese dressing, very loosely based on this recipe.

My new dress. Yeah, the picture is washed out, but it gives you an idea of the shape and length. Ryan spotted the bushes in bloom against the side of the barn and said it was just the place for taking snaps of my new dress.

A little girl who was nearby while we were taking the pictures said "You need a blue flower, and then promptly picked and brought me a stem of tiny hydrangea blossoms in the perfect blue. What a sweet and unexpected surprise.

A view from the farm.

Inside the Farmstand.

Dessert: Doughnuts, purchased at the farm, alongside basil-flecked ricotta topped with homemade strawberry rhubarb jam.

My favorite cowhand.

Casting on a new project.

Lots of happy dancing by Ollie, Jerry, Katie and Max.

Ollie with his rock candy. Oh, rock candy! Wouldn't it be fun to make some?

A rare quiet moment for Jaryn.

Who can resist bubbles?

Jen, getting in on the fun.

Tonight we're off for more farm tunes, this time provided by Los Cowtones. Another picnic, another balmy evening under the stars - though this time I'll bring bug spray, and another new outfit for me (sewed the same day as last week's dress).


  1. i love the picture of the lightbulbs and moon!!

    aren't summer concerts the best!? looks like you had a blast.


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