Farm Tunes, pt. 2

Another Thursday, which means another look at Farm Tunes. We won't be going tonight. Ryan has a softball game. And, we need to prepare for tomorrow's camping trip. So, next week I'll have camping photos for you instead of Farm Tunes photos.

Last week's concert was Los Cowtones. Ryan and I were on our own, as much as you can be in a sea of people, so the evening was even more laid back than usual. No chatting and visiting with our friends and their kids, just enjoying our picnic and each other's presence on the blanket.

This week's picnic was a quick salad inspired by one we had at Delancey when were in Seattle last month. It only took about 5 minutes to make. I put the slicing blade in the food processor and pushed through 3 Belgian Endive, 2 small heads of Fennel, and a bunch of Radishes. Then I tossed it all with a quick Dijon vinaigrette and topped it with a sprinkle of Feta and fresh-ground pepper. We took along two baby avocados to cut into the salad at the farm.

I ate mine scooped onto bits of a roll. Crunchy, chewy, sweet, spicy, bitter, tangy and salty - delicious!

Ryan brought Life Among the Lutherans, and I kept hearing him chuckle as her read. His father is from Minnesota and he used to spend the summers among his family there. As a result, he really connects to Garrison Keillor's work.

With all of the busy-ness between concerts, I hadn't the opportunity to work on my knitting since the previous Thursday.

During a break between the band's sets, we wandered around a bit. Farmer Don's sunflowers are starting to open and are just lovely.

Oh, and here's my new top! I made it out of one of Ryan's cast-off shirts.

Hard to believe this was a man's shirt! Tomorrow I'll give you a little look at the process.

Boy, do I ever look like my mom!

The evening was very cool, so we packed it in a little early. A view of Mt. Hood as we walked to the car.

Goodness, I do love the farm!


  1. okay... i am really excited about that shirt! I love that style, I tried to make a couple without a pattern, and they just hung wrong, I need to see your process, I might have to make a run to goodwill and collect a bunch of men's shirts, too cute!

  2. cupcakes for jam? You've got yourself a deal, lady :)


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