Ryan's Shirt Re-Do

This was the inspiration, found at CraftStylish. Check out their quick and easy tutorial first. While I loved the original project, I couldn't resist adding some really girly touches to my version. (No surprise there, right?)

First, I took apart Ryan's Shirt. I removed the sleeves, collar, cuffs and pocket. Then I opened it at the sides, shoulders, and back yoke.

Next, I added three pin-ticks to either side of the button placket, stopping about 3 inches from the hem. You'll see that I left extra room on one side of the button placket. This was so that the trim I planned to add wouldn't cover the tucks. It looks wonky here, but balanced when finished. After the tucks were done, I cut across the entire piece at the armpit. I cut across the back at the same place. The tucks took about 3" total out of the total width of the front, so I didn't have to trim too much from the sides before sewing it back together.

The rest of my process was pretty much the same as the original tutorial, except that I added eyelet trim, bought at Bolt, to the edge of the button placket and straps.

My last step was to change the buttons. I found this super-cute fabric on super-sale at Bolt, and decided to make self-covered buttons.

Aren't they adorable? The perfect finishing touch, I think. Btw, there were only a couple of yards left on the bolt, so I bought it all. What do you think I should make with the rest? A flirty skirty? A top? A dress?

Taa Daa!

This was an amazingly satisfying project. I found it very freeing to have just a simple guideline from which to work. Clearly, it lead to a lot of improvisation. It isn't the first time I've made one of Ryan's cast-offs my own,and it certainly won't be the last!

Also, nothing to do with the sun-top, but I picked up a yard of this really awesome fabric on the same trip to Bolt. Couldn't resist, but have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. Maybe an apron. It makes me crazy happy.


  1. oooooo...as soon as I work up the courage to try pintucks, I'm going to make like 17 of these. Love the buttons!

  2. Sweet top! And hopefully Your friend will buy more nice clothes, so there are more opportunities for re do....

  3. i have so much catching up to do on your blog! this is fantastic and looks do-able, i'm gonna have to give it a try. i love the girly touches you added, looks so good!!!


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