Seattle, Day 2

We started the day by meeting Sanna and our friend Scott at a bakery in Fremont for a light breakfast. I had high hopes for the bakery, but was rather disappointed. Even though I had been warned that their goods were overly sweet, I was still caught off guard. We went because they are gluten free. They are also vegan, and I'm thinking that it is difficult to combine all of those requirements and still end up with a satisfying product. Since I can't rave about the bakery, I'll refrain from mentioning it by name.

Despite the lackluster baked goods, we enjoyed the company. After a pot of tea, Ryan and I headed for the bus to the stadium. It was late, and by the time it showed, it was jam packed. I think we scored some of the last seats. The bus was hinged in the middle and our seats were over top the hinge. It was a bit like being on a kiddy carnival ride, as the seats would swing back and forth and up and down (teeter-toter style) as we went around corners. Ryan was getting pretty tense, as you can see, 'cause we were definitely gonna be late to the game.

Outside of Safeco Field. Clearly, we weren't the only ones who had trouble getting there on time.

Finally, installed in our bleacher seats, enjoying the sunshine and a beer.

Lunch! I spotted this vendor on the way in, and couldn't resist the siren call of a burger. Later, after our trip, we read in Sunset that you can get crab cakes at Safeco field...

Keeping entertained.

Bringing some 40's-inspired glamour to the ball park. We were really lucky. The sun was shining the entire game (lots of sunscreen applications!). The Cubs had lost the first two games of the series, but they won in extra innings the day we were there!

After the game we walked through what I think may be Occidental Park. The light streaming through the trees and catching the shiny banners really caught my eye. A couple of blocks later, we stopped in a really cool sports jersey boutique, Ebbets Field Flannels, and gawked at their reproduction jerseys and hats before catching a bus to Ballard and dinner.

We've been excited to eat at Delancey ever since Molly first told us about her & Brandon's new venture on her fabulous blog. It was everything we hoped it would be.

That concoction just behind my water glass is Rachel's Housemade Ginger Brew, which was spicy, refreshing and delicious.

Ryan started with a salad of sliced endive, fennel, avocado, housemade sheep's milk feta, and cilantro in a Dijon vinaigrette. Very tasty,

but I liked my salad even better: English peas, fava beans, elderflowers and olive oil over housemade burrata. It was heaven.

Our pizza: Tomato sauce, fresh & aged mozzarella, Grana, housemade pork fennel sausage, and shaved locally foraged porcini mushrooms.

Dessert: Rhubarb shortcake with Grand Marnier and mascarpone cream.

All gone!

After dinner, we walked down into the heart of Ballard. These flowers grow in huge masses along the sides of the road in Seattle. They kinda remind me of sweet peas, but I don't think that's what they are...

A view of Mount Ranier.

After our walk, we settled into The Market Arms to catch up on the World Cup events of the day and have a pint. The back of their menu features a British-American glossary, some of which made me giggle.

A little while later, we met Sanna for tea at Cupcake Royal and then took a little stroll. I ended up staring longingly into the door of this tempting candy shop. Alas, it was long closed for the day. Probably just as well..


  1. Though you would never guess it from the expressions on my face, this really was a wonderful day. Thank you for a fantastic holiday. Can we go to Delancey's tonight? We can be there in only four hours...


  2. oooooo DELANCEY'S! so jealous...


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