A Walk in the Park

On Saturday, we went for a walk in Laurelhurst Park, which was dressed in all of it's spring finery. The trees were bursting with flowers. The wide open grassy spaces were filled with people on blankets soaking up the sun's warmth while catching a nap enjoying a picnic or book. The dog park was packed with joyous dogs of all sizes playing tag and fetch.

Here are some lovely hellebores, which were dancing in the sun.

A view of the pond, which was filled with ducks & Canadian geese.

Camellias, which made me think if frothy tutus.

And more Camellias, which reminded me of peppermint candy.


  1. How lucky you are to see flowers already! It is finally warmer and rained a bit today. We can't count on it being spring yet, however. We are not frost free until tax day, April 15th, here in the Midwest.

    I do believe I see the beginnings of some lovely green weeds showing up in the backyard. Luckily weeds aren't the only thing starting to grow. We do have two crocus popping up in the front flower bed. They must have been planted 16 years ago when we first moved in and don't show up every year. This is a lucky year. I can't wait for spring. It is my favorite time of year around here. Or maybe fall is, but, it is spring that is on the way to put and end to the dreary winter days!

  2. Is it weird that I actually like the way camellias look when they cover the ground? Or maybe it's that they're so lush that they have to drop, so it's like a velvety, petaly shag carpet? But without the kitsch?


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