Yesterday I washed several lengths of fabric in preparation for some spring and summer sewing. It was such a gorgeous day that instead of putting them through the dryer, I hung them over the drying rack and let them catch the breezes coming through the open screen door. (Oh, and yes, they are all blue. What can I say? I'm consistent.)

But then look what I found! Emerson playing with the bits of string that frayed in the wash - the rascal!

"Oh, that was fun! Now I'll just settle in and enjoy this awesome fabric fort that Mum made for me!"

And since I'm already talking about the cats, here's Little Miss Holly, keeping me company the other night while I knit. My constant companion. (Hey! I'm knitting so fast my hands are blurry!)

P.S. Please ignore the dirty floor in the earlier photos. It's on the list...


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