Daffodils & Doughnuts

This morning, I was greeted by this lovely site on the kitchen table. They're from Trader Joes. I wait eagerly each spring for the arrival of TJ's Daffodils. They're sold dry, in bunches of 10 tightly closed stems, for less than $1.50/bunch. Once home, you trim the ends and place them in warm water. They practically burst open into buttery-yellow happiness. If I remember correctly from past years, they usually last about a week. I pick some up each week for as long as I can.

Further happiness this weekend came in the form of food, as it so often does. First, we sat outside in the beautiful spring sun and shared a delicious lunch of pulled pork, Texas-style pinto beans, potato salad, and an iceburg wedge with blue cheese dressing at Podah's Pit. (Sorry, I was too busy shoveling it in to take pictures.) Then, we headed to Staccato Gelato...

for doughnuts. The gelato there is really quite good (try the Honey Lavender) but we LOVE the doughnuts. I'll bet you can't tell which ones I picked out! Oh wait, you can? The girly-looking ones? Am I that obvious? Ok, you're right, you win. I selected the Myrtle (my favorite, the one with the polka-dot sprinkles) and the Fairy Princess. Ryan chose the Guinness and the Prince of Darkness.

Even though Myrtle is my favorite, I started with the Fairy Princess. Washed it down with a glass of milk while doing a little light reading. What a happy, happy weekend.

A couple of notes:
  • Check out today's post by Sally at Already Pretty. I really enjoyed what she had to say.
  • Today is International Women's Day, which you can read a bit more about over here and here. It's a great time to reflect on the women who have been important in your life, the women who have inspired and encouraged you. It is also a good time to consider women all over the world - their accomplishments and their struggles. Check out what Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had to say about the day here.


  1. ooooo! I love the daffodils here, especially the bundles that pop up in places, and you know that the original bulbs were planted YEARS ago, and have since multiplied into small forests of them.

    Hmm. I had no idea that Staccato Gelato had doughnuts. So help me, Voodoo is great and all that, but sometimes the line isn't worth the wait. Thanks for the tip!



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