Temptation & Tess

I've been working my way through the above pattern, Temptation, by Sublime Yarns, using their Extra Fine Merino DK. I think that when I purchased the yarn, I had intended to make it in size 32". For some reason, instead I made the 34" size, perhaps because that is my actual bust measurement. This left me with less yarn than the pattern required. To compensate, I shortened the overall length a couple of inches to a more flattering length and planned to also shorten the sleeves.

The other night I blocked the pieces which form the body of the cardigan, and then sewed them together. Upon trying it on, I felt it was a little larger than I'd prefer, but squared away all of the loose ends, thinking I could live with the size. It's not like the sweater is too big, just that I'd like a closer fit. Stupid, stupid! I should've left the ends alone and packed everything up for the evening. After trying it on again today, I realize I will be much happier frogging it all and reknitting it in the next size down. You know, the size I'd originally planned to make...

I've also started swatching for this pretty cardi, called Tess, in RYC Soft Lux. The pattern and yarn have been waiting for my attention for a couple of years now. I'm really looking forward to finally undertake this project. I think the lace stitch will yield a cardi which can be suited through 3 seasons, and therefore I'll be able to wear it a time or two before the warm weather is with us in earnest. Wish me luck!


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