Spring Outfits for Bee

The long awaited hand knits I've been working on for our girl are finally ready to share. Are you ready?

Bee's Coming Home Outfit:

I started with the bonnet, then knit the sweater, and finished by using leftovers for the booties. The cap is from a fantastic book called Vintage Knits for Modern Babies, the sweater and booties are both Ravelry patterns. You can see all the details in my project notes here, here, and here. The yarns are so very soft, a wool bamboo for the bonnet and a cashmere-merino blend for the sweater. Yummy. The cap closes with the same sweet button as the dress.

Here's a close-up of the booties. The buttons I found for these remind me of lemon drops. I plan to layer this little ensemble over a plain-white onsie and some ruffled (couldn't resist!) white socks when we bring her home.

Spring Ensemble:

I should've photographed the different outfits side-by-side, so that you could get a feel for the difference in sizes. Oh, well!

This outfit also started with the bonnet. We've had a sample in the shop for ages that I always thought to be incredibly sweet, and for months now I've been drawn to the color combination. After the bonnet, again, came the sweater and then booties. The bonnet pattern is from Knitalong, the sweater pattern is from The Expectant Knitter, and the booties are here on Ravelry. Again, details on my project pages here, here, and here. The sweater is sized 0-9 months. I suspect that it will actually be quite big, initially, but probably just right by the time the weather warms up around here.

A closer look at the booties, and the sweet, sweet buttons I found. The ribbon came via Alexis, who found it for free as a giant tangled mass at a store-closing sale. I have yards and yards and yards left. Lucky that it was the perfect color to match the outfit. Maybe it's the ribbon that got me thinking of these colors to begin with?

Finally, The Soft Coral Party Dress:

This pattern is also from The Expectant Knitter and also designed to fit a wide range of sizes. That's good, 'cause I felt like I was knitting on toothpicks, which will be worthwhile if she can wear this for a long time. The yarn is left from this sweater I did for myself last summer. Project details here.

Here's a better look at the ribbon. I also bought a length of ribbon in the same color as I used to accent my sweater. So, yes, we can match. I still have quite a bit of yarn left. Maybe I should make a tie for Ryan?

There are, of course, another 2 or 3 projects on the needles and lots more planned. Lucky for me, there were several choices among the sale yarn at work that were perfect for projects on my to-knit list. I found a couple more projects-worth in my stash. So, plenty more to come...


  1. The knits are all so beautiful. I am anxiously awaiting seeing my sweet baby granddaughter in her finery!

  2. Wow, you are such a pro!
    These are so very special, you're little girl is very lucky indeed :)

  3. These are adorable! I particularly like the sophisticated grey/pink combination. I am amazed you have done so much!!!!


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