Goodies From Far Away

Happy Weekend, Everyone! Well, for me it will be a working weekend, 'cause that how it goes when you're in retail. But you all go on and enjoy a little extra relaxation on my behalf! I just wanted to stop in really quick today and "share" with you a little treat that came to me in the mail a little while ago.

On Ravelry, I belong to several groups, but am most active in the Sexy Knitters Club (aka SKC). Each quarter, SKC holds a Knit-A-Long (KAL) with a different theme. For the last quarter of 2010, there were several of us who decided that we had to work on some of our Works In Progress (WIP's) or knit from our stash, instead of investing in new yarn. So, we had a little side KAL of our own. I knit and finished 3 cardigans, which you've already seen here and here, to submit to the KAL. As incentives to us all, a few lovely participants offered up prizes. I was not knitting in order to win a prize, but rather to have a stock of sweaters to take me through my pregnancy. But, I WON A PRIZE!

The lovely and talented Yelena made me a batch of homemade toffee and sent it all the way from Connecticut! Not only is it beautiful, and beautifully presented, but it is delicious. Thank you so much, Yelena! We've been rationing it out - mostly becasue I "hid" the box from Ryan. This involved moving it from the kitchen counter to the hoosier cabinet right outside the kitchen. He's since rediscovered it, but having to work a little harder to get to the toffee seems to deter him from eating it like popcorn. I just have a little nibble now and then, because a little goes a long way with this rich & delicious stuff.

So that's it for today! Hope you all have fun weekend plans. If you're in Portland, Close Knit is having their gigantic Winter Clearance Sale. There will be some seriously good stuff, folks. I know, 'cause I helped get it all ready. See you next week!


  1. so that's where it went! i'm on to you, tyler...


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