Some days it's fun getting dressed. Last week, I had a day when I really wanted to feel comfortable and wear my leggings. But, I had to go to work and wanted to look cute and pulled together. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I put this together. Comfy? Yes! Cute and special? Yes! I felt great all day and got lots of compliments, which never hurts, right?

I'm not actually nearly quite so big, yet, as I look in these pictures. I took them on the fly as I was running out the door to work, so I didn't quite get to fuss as much as I usually do when I photo outfits.

Full confessions, I didn't knit the sweater, though it is a hand knit. Sally was clearing out samples at the shop and very generously gave this one to me. It's just a loose tunic, which wears a bit like a bag - but add a cute belt and suddenly it's fabulous! The brooch is vintage. Ryan bought it for me last year on this day out.

So, sorry for the one short post this week. Good intentions and all that... I've got baby knits blocking right now, so next week I will have them photographed and ready to share. I also took time this week to work on a little Valentine's Day project, which I'll tell you about. Finally, on the schedule for next week are some yummy treats and a super yummy sweater I've been making for Ryan. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Just gorgeous, you really are blooming! Love the pics ;-)

  2. almost makes me want to be pregnant again ....almost lol


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