Crafty Love

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Any big plans on your end? I have the day off, which means time to put the finishing touches on Ryan's gift - can't wait to get it done and photographed so that I can show you what I've been working on for him. If I get that done in a timely manner, there will be sewing.

I've also squeezed in some time to play Valentine's fairy. Since I didn't get around to getting Christmas gifts made for my lovely coworkers, I put together some cute little V-day bags for them. First, I found some super-cute pencils that I just couldn't resist. I'm kinda a sucker, lately, for fun pencils. Is that weird?

Then, inspired by this post over on the Living Crafts blog, I bought a pile of felt and started stitching some little hearts. I have a set of graduated heart-shaped cookie cutters, so I used a couple of those as templates to cut out the hearts. Then, I free handed the "XOXO" embroidery on the little hearts, stitched those to a larger heart, and finished by sewing on a backing. They're all stuffed with felt scraps, so nothing was wasted.

The final bit of the treat bags were little boxes of Conversation Hearts. I know they aren't the tastiest candy on the market, but, like candy corn, they do have their own irresistible charm. Don't you agree?

More heart-shaped fun tomorrow, 'cause why limit the love to Valentine's Day? Also, this weekend I photographed all of the baby knits I've completed so far - something else to look forward to later this week. Here's a little teaser:


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